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A Magnetism Experiment in Creating Space

Magnetism light

Witnessing the amazing skills Dr Marco Paret in his classes and armored with his training manual I decided to do one of his exercises whilst out with a friend.

Here is what happened:

My friend and I went to see a film at the cinema, on this day I didn’t feel like sitting next to strangers and being squashed in. So we selected seats away from the existing cluster of people in the cinema. I stood up, breathed in and out, became present, made some gestures with my hands thus drawing a line around our section of seats, stayed present and sat down in my seat.

The advertisements came on the screen, more and more people entered the cinema, some looked over to the direction my friend and I was sitting in, they paused for a moment then turned around and went the opposite direction, which was further away from us.  A group of 4 people did approach our section, but then did a U-turn and went and sat with the cluster of other patrons.

I smiled at my friend and said “See! It works!”

We both laughed and then enjoyed the movie with lots of space around us.

In a book from “La Magic Dévoilée” dated from 1852, Baron Du Potent states;

“Mesmer considered that the magnetizer puts in motion currents of the ether or universal medium, which he then directs and distributes according to his ability”

This documentation also matches my personal experience that I’ve had in one Dr Marco Paret’s classes whereby he drew a line and the student could not move over it.