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What is Intuition? My Insights & Advice for Awareness

Lady contemplating her own intuition

I believe Intuition is the instinctual internal language you are born with. It is your divine navigator through life. I sometimes call it my “Inner Tom Tom”  It will guide and alert you through life’s opportunities. It will direct you towards and away from people, places and things. Intuition is the ability to extend beyond your own normal sensory perceptions of the 5 senses into the realm of increased conscious awareness to what is happening around you and what is going to happen around you in the future.

Intuition is a Tool for Enhanced Awareness

Intuition is a tool that we are all capable of to some degree or another. Some people choose to take heed of, and embrace, their intuitive side more then others. My role as an intuitive consultant is to help you discover your inner intuitive abilities and to bring these to the forefront of your own conscious awareness. Think of it like providing you with the electricity that powers all the appliances that make your life easier.

Your intuition will communicate with you in the easiest form for you to understand. Those forms can be described as:

  • Clairvoyance - the ability to see
  • Clairaudience - the ability to hear/listen
  • Clairsentience - the ability to feel/sense

Everyone has psychic powers, your intuition will help you to use this invisible force. Setting time aside to still your mind and quieten your thinking is the key foundation to the clarity and accuracy of your intuition. It helps you to make decisions and choices in your life.

How do you develop your Intuitive powers?

  • Regularly quietening the mind and calming the head chatter is the foundation to clarity.
  • Regularly deep breathing in and out.
  • Regularly practising meditation strengthens and develops your psychic intuition muscles