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What is Telepathy?

Telepathic lady

I believe telepathy is the communication, the conversation that happens where you ask a question and you receive an answer, so it’s information that you ask and then information that you receive. Telepathy is not about mind control or mind power.

I believe it is simply about the inner dialogue, the intuitive dialogue between yourself and your higher self, and if you choose another person and their higher self. You can communicate with your guides or to your angels, people that you feel connected to or God, whatever it is that you talk to or feel comfortable talking with whether it’s even if it's called the universal force.

Telepathy is quite a valuable tool and everyone uses their telepathy to a degree I believe. Like all things in life, with practice you become better at it and become the master of your craft or the master of your chosen field, so telepathy does take practice. Things that assist telepathy, firstly are quietening the mind, so with the busy mind, it’s very difficult to receive clear guidance or clear information and then practicing quietening the mind can be done through meditation. And also deep breathing and it doesn’t have to be done sitting cross-legged on the couch, as with meditation.  You can do active meditation and that may be by simply taking a walk and while you are out walking, taking some deep breaths in and out. Or even if you’re out shopping you can still take deep breaths or if you’re driving the car, you can still breathe deeply in and out and the ability to bring your breath into at a deepening space, allows obviously more oxygen to go into your body, but it just allows the mind to quieten, it is really quite amazing, a simple thing you see people say is. “Just breathe, breathe”, and it does, it quietens and stills the mind.

So telepathy can be shared, I have a friend and we quite often send out messages to each other, it may be as simple as if going to the movies I’ll send her a telepathic message to say "I’ll be there five minutes", rather than using the Iphone I use my Tphone (telepathy phone).

I can send a message to her saying “I’ll be there in five minutes or I’ll meet you downstairs” and because she is also on the same frequency, because she also is practicing her telepathic skills we are on the same wavelength, so she can easily pick up or tune into me and I can pick up or tune into her.

But as I say, it does take practice and you know the great thing is that, you can practice it at anywhere or any time and it’s a really really valuable tool for instant clarity, instant answers and clearer direction and choices that can help you in your life, whether for Relationships, Career, Money or Well being.

How do you develop your Telepathic powers?

  • Regularly quietening the mind and calming the head chatter is the foundation to clarity.
  • Regularly deep breathing in and out.
  • Regularly practising meditation strengthens and develops your psychic muscles.