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Chakras are Your Inner Power Generators

Chakra diagram

With many modern gadgets available to us it is easy to overlook taking care of what we can’t see.

Chakras are located within your body. They are energy centers that produce power and well being. Because you can’t physically see them, it not until something gets out of balance that alerts you to a problem. Things like feeling sluggish, drained, over reactive, flat, sick and irritable.

These symptoms are indicators that your chakras need cleansing, clearing, connecting and rebalancing.  Keeping them cleansed, connected, and balanced energizes you and produces vitality and well being.  They assist you to stay connected in the natural positive flow and synchronicity of life.

There are many ways to cleanse, connect and balance your chakras.  Various methods are hypnosis, mediation, magnetic passes, nature and sound. Some people use their intuition to tune in to their chakras through one of their senses such as clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

I like using my intuition combined with hypnosis, nature and magnetic passes.

Hypnosis is a great tool to access the awareness of what is happening for each chakra center. You can gain insight into the rate in which it is spinning, the color, if it is open or closed and you can pin point the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical issue that is correlated to the condition of that chakra.

Cleansing and balancing your chakras so that you are full of vitality and life force and experience your intuitive natural flow of life is like maintaining a vehicle or motorbike. If you keep driving around without servicing it, or regular tune ups it runs rough and has to work harder to get from A to B.

Cleansing and balancing your chakras is the same as maintaining your engine in its greatest condition for peak performance.

Taking care of the inner you is an essential step towards the increase of love, abundance and good health. Combined with eating well, drinking pure water, fresh air and rest, doing a chakra cleanse and rebalance is easy to add to your life routines. Once you experience the benefits it’s easy to make time to just set aside an hour and do it.

I like helping people, but I first had to learn to help and care for myself. I am delighted to share my Hypnosis Cleanse and Rebalance program with you, as I know it works and it is as simple as finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed for an hour and pressing the play button on your media player.

Chakra hypnosis cover
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Whether you begin your day or end your day doing a chakra cleanse and rebalance is up to you. Setting the intention and doing it is what matters. The results will be clearly recognizable, you will feel calmer, in tune, happy, healthy, energetic, and not sweating the small stuff.

Most of the time you will want to stay in those good vibes as your world will seem to be in flow and ease. Your cleansed and connected chakras will assist you to be fully present in your body and with that presence comes incredible power to make positive changes in your Relationships, Money, Career and Well being.


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