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Hypnotic Fascination for Hypnotic Anesthesia - Bellini and Marco Paret

Fascination is a wonderful tool for hypnotic and magnetic anethesia.

In 1800 Esdaile did hundreds of surgical operations with mesmeric anethesia.
Fascination is an useful tool for hypnotic anesthesia. Using gaze alone we can easily induce hypnotic anesthesia in a few seconds with most of the people. Bellini was an italian hypnotist that used hypnotic and magnetic fascination to help both dental operations as well as many surgical operations.  He worked under medical supervisions and his results were recorded and analyzed by Dr. Cassinelli.
Dr. Paret teaches in his school hypnotic anesthesia, using both gaze and passes as all other possible methods.
Results are fast and immediate.
Free course on the power of the gaze go to http://www.mesmerismus.info


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