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Open Eyes Instant Hypnosis and Healing with Fascination - Marco Paret - Di Pisa

Instant Hypnosis with Open Eyes and Fascination. A rare video where without even speaking, except for saying "Look at me", and only with his gaze, the hypnotizer makes the subject not only completely lose himself but also ready to experience instant healing!

This is a unique and powerful gaze hypnotic technique. Migraines, headaches, tinnitus, neuromuscular diseases and other pathologies can be instantly healed in this way. For some psychological problems a relatevely longer treatment and the use of symbols is required, but always measurable in a few minutes. What is astonishing is that many times we can have amnesia or deep forms of hypnosis leaving the eyes completely open and in a matter of seconds! The sight is the sense where we can get informations in the fastest way. Using the human eye is completely different and stronger as using the fixation of a bright light or similar methods, as we add an interpersonal dimension. The powerful results of Fascination are scarcely reachable if only pursued through verbal hypnosis.In these instant inductions we touch e deep level of the brain. The operator to get the best results need to follow a path of personal developments as no method demands more personal involvement as fascination. Dr. Paret continues the teachings of two masters in this technique: Prof. Erminio Di Pisa (also featured in the video) and Virgilio T.

This is the ancient Western school corresponding to the use of Prana or Chi in conjonction with Ajna Chakra power in Orient. Instant results are obtained combining specific gaze focalizations, hands gestures, and for the therapeutic and personal improvement part a specific symbolism. Parts of the teachings of this school were never completely disclosed in print.

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