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Learn real Hypnotism, Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism in France or organise a seminar in your country!

Learn real Hypnotism, Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism in France or organise a seminar in your country!

What we want to teach you is the secret science of animal magnetism and real fascination updated with the most recent quantum discoveries.
It connects the inner preparation of the hypnotists to inner alchemical rejuvenation techniques. We have updated the whole with the most recent studies on man and mind but keeping the spirit of the ancients.
In our research team we have also two university professors and many medical doctors interested in enhancing human potentialities.
The past meet the future guiding you toward the most important achievements that a human being can accomplish on this earthly plane.

Why are these techniques of magnetic and hypnotic fascination useful?

The professional hypnotists will learn techniques to hypnotise immediately WITHOUT WORDS. These techniques are also useful to create DEEP TRANCES in which the client himself will be able to say how he must be cured. More, these techniques will be easier to work with as the verbal techniques. The non verbal is denser than the verbal. The non-verbal is inborn and simple, while the verbal needs to be learnt and is complex.

 The simpler the hypnosis, the more direct it will be in producing results. The researcher will know that there is a sure fire method to investigate paranormal phenomena, and to awaken the inner energy. 

The person interested in business will learn the POWER OF GAZE and of REAL ANIMAL MAGNETISM to get what he wants in the life.
Man is entangled with universe. You will learn the cosmology and the symbols permitting you to exceed to a powerful "quantum reality"

.  Magnetism is natural.
All it needs is to be learnt afresh. And everybody will learn the REJUVENATING TECHNIQUES that strengthen the body organs and help in retain youth.

Many useful application. We are researchers. In these years our school has developed and continue to develop new techniques and applications.
 Therapy: how to deal with addiction (for example Campanelli's method stop smoking in 45 seconds), phobias and trauma cures, how to deal with anxieties etc... Many applications for headaches, muscular tensions, digestive problems and for many other types of physical problems etc... The non verbal approach is very effective. The external self is primarily verbal, whereas one's inward identity is primarily non-verbal.  Other: creativity and learning with quantistic methodologies. Inner development. Strengthening your personal magnetism.

Deep Trances states:

Deep states are very useful as they will bring your client to another dimension of being where he will feel his entanglement with the universe in a different way. He will feel transformed after returning from this wonderful state. In deep hypnosis we use an approach which is different from the techniques of hypnotherapy, where we use the wiring of our ego, and reframe our behaviour. Thinking is the activity of the exterior self. It ends up being no more than an inner dialogue which delays and conceals the self-perception which, on the contrary, knows what to do and how to do it. In the deep states of hypnosis we reach a level where we access a space before the ego, and are in connection with a deeper dimension of being, with what in quantum terms we would call “the implicate level”.
 When reaching these levels, we can have spontaneous healings or faster healings. This is due to the fact that the subject will be in a specific state and freer from material constraints. He will also be beyond his past conditioning. He will be more in touch with his inner core where he can connect to a natural wisdom that heals spontaneously. In these states you could touch a level of joy and a deep discovery of the self which you didn’t imagine could exist. Many times people will also say what the best way to treat him is, or the words which will be more suitable for his transformation (technically is called Puysegur's method). After awakening many times they will be no more able to remember what they said, but they will feel the effects and be transformed anyway. 

The location of the courses

Our resident seminars are organised in Nice, on the beautiful french Riviera.
Nice is the town where was born Pierre Janet and the theorist of the neutric force Dr. Barety. Our students come from France, Uk, Argentina, Italy, Turkey, USA, Australia, India, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Swiss.

We offer a course All Inclusive at a very interesting cost.
 So you don't have to worry on booking hotels/accomodation. We will do it for you.
Otherwise, we can organise a seminar in your country.

How to participate?

Until now we have organised only small groups. From a short time we open this teaching to the world. We have decided to organise 2 sessions of course each year of about 10 people. To participate and book your place phone us at 00393482213449 or send us an email at nice@neurolinguistic.com
We organise not a lot each year, so first come first served. After your booking, we will give you at this point a link to some books to begin understand and exercise yourselves.

The Magnetic Lodge

To strengthen your mesmeric power, we have realised a magnetic group in Nice. You will have the possibility to participate in it. It's goal is of creating a strength centre from which we create telepathic bridges to help our student in getting the maximum result.
Some difference between Hypnotic fascination and modern hypnosis;
 in modern hypnosis the biggest effort is in gaining rapport, in hypnotic fascination in avoiding the subject react to much

 in modern hypnosis the word is king, in hypnotic fascination the thought

 most modern hypnosis is about relaxing, hypnotic fascination about tension modern hypnosis is very slow compared to fascination. Many times we can reach a state of complete amnesia in 3-4 seconds from the begining of the induction, even with people with whom we have never worked before. Many researchers of hypnosis acknowledge that amnesia without suggestion is linked to very profound states.
Fascination is very therapeutical. In the fascinative state we can have immediate therapeutical results.