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Can the Power of Gaze Make Someone Turn & Look at You?

Teresa doing the 'gaze'

I read an article of Rupert Sheldrake that said:

"Most people have had the experience of turning round feeling that someone is looking at them from behind, and finding that this is the case. Most people have also had the converse experience. They can sometimes make people turn around by staring at them.  In surveys in Europe and North America, between 70% and 97% of the people questioned said they had had personal experiences of these kinds (Braud et al., 1990; Sheldrake, 1994; Cottrell et al., 1996). The sense of being stared at is often alluded to in fiction, as in stories or novels by Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Anatole France, Victor Hugo, Aldous Huxley, D.H. Lawrence, John Cowper Powys, Thomas Mann, J.B. Priestley and many other writers (Poortman, 1959)."

I was excited to find detailed fascination exercises on this feat in Dr Paret's training manual. I took the opportunity to practise one of the exercises during the day when I was out driving the car. I had stopped at a set of traffic lights and in the lane beside me was a man and women engaged in conversation. In my car the drivers’ seat was level with their back seat. I looked through their back window. I became more present and then I fixed my gaze on the back of the mans head whilst thinking "look at me"

Within 5 seconds he stopped talking to his passenger and his head slowed turned to look over his left shoulder. He looked directly at me. It appeared to be happening in slow motion. I maintained my gaze on him for a few more seconds then broke it. This force was not imagined, I actually felt it, as I had felt it before in Nice on Dr Paret's class.

- Teresa