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What is Clairaudience?

Clairaudience demonstration

I believe Clairaudience (Clear hearing) is the ability to receive words, letters, names and sounds in your mind through an auditory sense. It is the intuitive power to perceive things beyond the normal senses or ranges often appearing as though it comes directly above, beside or behind a person.

In a reading I hear a name called out, or the sound of a bell, even a tune from a song or someone singing. It sometimes may be soft and gentle like a whisper, or a definite attention no mistaking pay attention ring or knock.

The voice may have several expressions, it may sound like my own or at other times change characteristics and tone, use slang or phrases like someone else. The important point to make is that the voice is always kind and loving. It is never controlling or instructing to cause harm to others.

How do you develop your Clairaudient hearing powers?

  • Regularly quietening the mind and calming the head chatter is the foundation to clarity.
  • Regularly deep breathing in and out.
  • Regularly practicing meditation strengthens and develops your psychic muscles.