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What is Clairvoyance?

Girl gazing at crystal ball

Clairvoyance (clear vision or seeing) is the ability to visually see pictures, symbols and words not with physical eyes but in your mind.  It is the power to perceive things beyond the normal senses and range like in another room or house or town or even a country.

Clairvoyance is your inner sight.

Spiritual mystics refer to the Third Eye as the spiritual sight. Clairvoyants were also known and named as a “Seer “and were described as a person who perceives visually. They would go to the lakes and gaze into the water, or look into the skies or crystal balls and see messages and symbols.

People seek to find answers and meaning to their life. Consulting a clairvoyant for suggestions in Relationships, Love, Money, Health, Children and Work will assist you to gain clarity in decisions and choices, even when you are feeling stressed or under pressure. Or, if you are seeking confirmation, that your decisions are on the right track.

As a young child my Clairvoyance was my strongest, I could see people who other people couldn’t. Yes, they were dead people! When I begin a reading, I always receive a vision first. I don’t need to have my eyes closed but sometimes I do. My success relates to my ability to give the clearest description of what I am seeing without judgment or trying to figure out what it means to me. As I share what I am seeing with you, more information flows to me, which then unfolds the answer to your question you are seeking.

How do you develop your Clairvoyant seeing powers?

  1. Regularly quietening the mind and calming the head chatter is the foundation to clarity.
  2. Regularly deep breathing in and out.
  3. Regularly practising meditation strengthens and develops your psychic intuition muscles.