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Mesmerism, Magnetism, Fascination & Gaze

The word Mesmerismus means connecting the forces of nature to one's work and influence/charisma. Having these forces available, in creating the plan of his life, everyone can aim straight to the top in their life and with others.  Personal Magnetism leads to develop personal and professional success, and on another level you will begin to understand and act on the mechanisms of attraction and relationships.

Mesmerism states that the healing power, the strength, and the resistance to different situations of life, and an intuitive energetic healing power, are all inborn capabilities of the human being. This is confirmed by the fact that sometimes any of these personable attributes can manifest themselves spontaneously. These capabilities in the contemporary world are submerged by conscious thinking patterns and the chattering of our egos.
Magnetism is something natural. Animals, too, possess it. The more man, who is part and parcel of nature, establishes harmony with it, the greater his capability to accomplish his goals. It is, moreover, through the acceptance of his animal part, which in any event exists in him, and the concomitant acceptance of his very basic sensibility, that he can fully become human. The world magnetism is very appropriate. Even the concepts of “law of attraction” resort to magnetism, as magnetism and attraction are the same concept.

We offer Mesmerism, Fascination & Gaze English Speaking Courses in Nice, France and offer Great Early Bird Specials

Regular training events and seminars with Dr Paret are typically held in Nice alongside the beautiful French Riviera. In the past our training sessions have been designed for smaller groups. We are now proud to offer our training courses several times a year to groups of around 15 people.

We offer great early bird discounts on our courses.
For our international students we are happy to assist in finding great value accommodation, so that participants can relax and make the most of this remarkable learning opportunity without the typical stresses of traveling abroad.

How to participate?

Sign up for the FREE online course to get acquainted with this teaching. To participate and book your place phone us at 0039 348 2213449 or send an email on our contact page here. Classes fill up fast, so first come first served. After your booking, we will give you a link to some FREE books to begin to understand and start to practice some exercises for yourselves

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Mesmerism Videos

View demonstration videos of the mesmerism, fascination, gaze and magnetism techniques you will learn in the courses.

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Mesmerism Articles

Read more information about Mesmerism, how it used, and the modalities it encompasses.