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About Animal Magnetism, Mesmerism, Fascination & Gaze

Mesmerism states that the healing power, the strength, and the resistance to different situations of life, and an intuitive energetic healing power, are all inborn capabilities of the human being.

Mesmerism, Magnetism, Fascination & Gaze

Mesmerism is empowered by the practice of self-remembering and living in the present; this includes learning how to stop internal dialogue.

Open Eyes Instant Hypnosis and Healing with Fascination - Marco Paret - Di Pisa

Instant Hypnosis with Open Eyes and Fascination. A rare video where without even speaking, except for saying "Look at me", and only with his gaze, the hypnotizer makes the subject not only completely lose himself but also ready to experience instant healing!

International ISI-CNV trainings on Hypnotism and Fascination testimonials

Some testimonials for Dr Marco Paret's Mesmerism courses.

Hypnotic Fascination for Hypnotic Anesthesia - Bellini and Marco Paret

Fascination is a wonderful tool for hypnotic and magnetic anethesia. IN this video you will see it doemonstrated by Bellini and Marco.

Non verbal hypnosis, fascination, mesmeric anesthaesia, instant inductions

A unique collection of an incredible variety of hypnotic, fascinative and magnetic effects executed by Dr. Paret in 4 intense minutes with 4 different subjects.

Learn real Hypnotism, Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism in France or organise a seminar in your country!

Learn real Hypnotism, Mesmerism and Animal Magnetism in France or organise a seminar in your country!

Hypnotic fascination without words and Magnetic Somnambulism - Dr. Marco Paret

In this video a rapid fascinative induction executed by Dr. Paret.

Mesmerism in the lift - Amazing Instant Hypnosis

In the time a lift goes up on two floors, a girl, that had spoken to Dr. Paret about her problem, get hypnotized with fascination. She also get relieved by her lack of security

Dr. Paret's Secret Mesmeric Direct Gaze Induction and Healing

This video is of Dr Marco initiating a direct gaze induction on one of his clients.