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SMEP Meditation 4 Part Program - Teresa Lewis

A guide for internal and external change in your life. 4 guided meditation MP3s + interactive PDF workbook to help with the reintegration of you!


4 Part Meditation Program (With Workbook) for Wellbeing & Inner Guidance

* Only available as MP3 download with PDF workbook

In this program we focus on the reintegration of you and we connect the fragmented aspects of your internal and external self through a specific set of meditations that unite the four different body elementals, The Spiritual, The Mental, The Emotional and The Physical Self. With a little support and practice, most people can begin to connect to their intuition and learn to trust and act upon its language. The gentle and ancient language of intuition leads    us to make healthy and loving choices and changes in our Relationships, Money, Career and  Well-Being.

What You Receive...

  • SMEP Workbook - Interactive PDF
  • Meditation 1 'Spiritual' - 30mins
  • Meditation 2 'Mental' - 33mins
  • Meditation 3 'Emotional' - 31mins
  • Meditation 4 'Physical' - 32mins

About the 4 Meditations

The specific meditations align the elements of each of your bodily aspects and etheric layers.  The meditations include, releasing the not so light traits of you, and will increase the light and positive qualities within you.  The best benefits of this meditation series are a direct result of following the suggested weekly formula over the 4 -week period. That is why this is a unique program its formula is connected to being present and there is no shortcut for that.

The positive results will occur instantly, however your acceptance of these positive changes may take a little longer. Letting go of what is familiar even though it may not be working well for you anymore, can be unsettling to your whole identity.  As you stay present the more it will be easier to be free of the past.

Meditation is a key tool towards developing intuition and inner peace. The effects of meditation have been proven to impact on the well being of the individual and their environment they participate in. The more we are able to action a personal commitment to change, the more we get results of the change.

About the Workbook

This workbook is designed as an awakener and a connector to the “Real You and Inner You”. Getting to know the different aspects of yourself through meditation is an empowering step to living it consciously with presence.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, you can follow what is suggested here, and action what feels the truth for you.  If your actions are unkind, harmful, hurtful to yourself or others, it is not truth.

View the WorkBook Here

(contains full details of this program)


* Full instructions can be viewed in the workbook

Over the 4 weeks listen to each of the guided meditations. Each track is dedicated to its own week. The weeks are formatted in a specific order to achieve maximum benefits. Only listen to the current meditation in that week. If you are in week 1 stay in that until that week is over, then move on to week 2 and so on. There are no shortcuts here; this is going to take 4 weeks. If you skip ahead, you will skip out on the maximum experience.