Palmistry Consultation

Look into the mirror and you will see a reflection of yourself.
Look into your hands and you will see a mirror of your life.

Lori Reid

I like to associate myself as being an ‘Intuitive Detective’.

I am passionate about investigating the real you, your life’s journey which is imprinted on your hands.

Palmistry is known as one of the intuitive arts connected to Astrology and Metaphysics. Modern times have depicted Fortune Telling Gypsies, who allured people to have their future fortunes read.

Yet, many ancient peoples such as: The Tibetans, Romans, Egyptians, Hebrews and Greeks are reported to have studied ‘The Hands’. Palmistry is also known to exist in Ancient Chinese cultures and Indian Vedic scriptures to provide insights into ones’ health and psychology.

Today many palmists, combine traditional information, science and intuition to provide palmistry readings.

A palmist can look into your hands and see a unique map of you. They can see indicators of your personal strengths, limitations, skills and character.

When your hands are read correctly with knowledge, experience and intuition,the palmist can give insight into your physical, mental and emotional energies and personality.

Once insight is shared, the potential for empowerment begins, as you have choices to either choose change or not change your direction, actions and habits.

Intuitive Palmistry Consultations are beneficial for bringing insight, clarity and direction into Relationships, Money, Career and Well Being in your life. Teresa shines light on these areas using her skills of intuition and inner perceptions; her professional acumen is delivered in a relaxed and light hearted manner.

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If you live outside of Australia, or wherever you live onthe planet,you can experience an Intuitive Palmistry Consultation via face time and skype.

Intuitive Palmistry Consultations are available in person at various locations in Australia. The time frame available for your consultation is 15 or 30 minutes.