Teaching and Learning

H.O.W. Program


We get straight to the point honestly. There awaits the solution, simple answers to your inner truths! With LHS Coaching, together we use honestly as the foundation for the answers to your problem. We build new steps that shift you. Realistic, reflective, we wake you up from the inside first and you say hello to your true power.

Open Mindedness

To see, feel and hear differently. You know, if you keep doing the same thing you’ll get the same result. We’ll connect the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels to equip you with a whole centered approach. Discovering HOW in your intuitions, vitality and strength of your inner resources is experienced by your flexibility to be open. Using these realizations and clear intentions is liberating, expansive and limitless.


To act in the present, to live in the now, free from the past. With a little willingness, HOW will positively make changes in your world. Your flexibility to follow suggestions and methods such as The Enneagram, Meditation, Connecting to Nature, Hypnosis, Light Therapy and Presence exercises will enable you to receive profound accelerated change and transformations.

Group Training, Courses, Workshops Evenings, Days, Weekends

Being part of a group is a great way to accelerate your growth for Personal or Professional outcomes.
The groups’ energy restores us toward the sense of community and connectedness in our humanity.
It is where we learn for ourselves, but also where we can learn more by helping and contributing to others,
even just by our presence and participation.

Areas of interest are:

1. Developing your Intuition in 5 Steps
2. Developing your Personal Magnetism
3. S.M.E.P. Four-week Meditation Program
4. Presence: For Business and Personal